SCARAB model 7

This is a very rare if not a one of a kind (can’t be 100% sure) but i may have made 2?The knife is made of .250 thick / 154 CM stainless and is 9.75” long. It has full Carbon fiber milled grips on both sides and is hollow ground on both sides and has the model 7 “vertical recurve grind”. The sheath is a one hand quick release design with thumb break bar and belt loop.The breaker bar makes for very soft/fast/smooth one hand deployment from the rig without the typical jerking involved in releasing a knife from a kydex sheath.It’s made of .090 OD-Green kydex with anchor and tie down points. The sheath is open all the way across the bottom with Nylon spacer for ease of cleaning.

$1200.00 USD


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