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lone wolf and cub (1972)


I suppose most people have a favorite type of art, and mine is right here. The 70-90’s fantasy scifi art. And starting with one of my most favorite piece of all time by Al Williamson.

There is something about that art from that time, from those genre, that you don’t see anywhere else, and i am thinking of style and colours here. The simplicity, yet the amount of details still. The bright nights, and use of white. Good lord i love it!
And it’s a shame, because i won’t see much new stuff coming out like this. 

1. Al Williamson

2,5. John Harris

3,6,8.Syd Mead

4. John Berkey

7,9 .Moebius

10. Peter Elson

(Source: heartcoma)


Stopped by the Tokyo Pokemon center tonight, for fun. It was nice being able to take pictures in the fairly empty store!